Atwood Montague (amontague) wrote,
Atwood Montague

Dearest Pansy,

It's Sunday here, and I don't know when I'll have a chance to post this. Things have been a little stiller this week, but I think we're going to have a break in the fighting today.

Do you remember your first Easter at Hogwarts? You were used to the house-elves waking you up to watch the sun come up, and I remember how you made me promise and promise to come wake you because you weren't sure if any of the other girls would be waking up since Millie said she had no intention of waking up at dawn for a Muggle holiday. And how Draco had that enormous basket of chocolate eggs from his mother, and how you offered me the extra one that he'd given you. Your mother sent that egg with the little silver charm inside, and your father sent you that letter saying how proud he was of you.

I miss you, and I'm thinking of the other Easters that we'll be able to spend together in the future.

I know Auntie has been ill recently, so if you could ask your mother to look after her and if you could just check up on her every now and then and post to the journalling system about it, I would be very grateful.

Happy Easter, Pansy. I love you.

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