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Atwood Montague

[[Sent to Auntie on a number of days starting from the first of March: the first issue of a subscription to Wizarding Witch Weekly that was Attie's Christmas present to Auntie. A skinny little volume on Heritage Garden Tours of Scotland, from Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley, for Auntie's birthday. Also, half of Attie's paypacket dating from the first of January from Gringott's bank, as per Attie's instructions, as well as notification that the rest has been placed in an interest-bearing account under the names of Pansy Parkinson and Atwood Montague. Also, a letter of finalization giving Pansy equal access to the old Montague vault at Gringott's. Attie also writes Auntie a short note that's posted separately.]]

Dearest Auntie,

I suspect Pansy got more in Honeydukes money as a third year than I've got in that account, but it's a start. She won't be in the Infirmary forever, and I'm hoping to marry her before the spring is out. (Stop clutching your heart: you knew this was coming for years. You're also not permitted to tell Mrs Parkinson. I'm also hoping, though, that you're feeling well enough to go to her spring teas and look very smug and offer her hope that Pansy will yet marry a German baron of appropriate descent and wealth.)


Yr Obdt Atwood.

[[As for the book that C gives him, Attie can't quite think of anything coherent to put down, but he desperately wants to write to Pansy, so instead, after trying to write in the book with pencil and just having the graphite slide off the paper in separate little black beads, Attie writes Pansy's name down on the very first line, followed by the date.]]
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