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[[In Attie's bags: a sprig of rosemary from a cluster growing wild down by the riverside, dried with charms and pressed flat by pages of the little book that Pansy gave him for Christmas. It shares the page with the fragment of page that Attie found in the house a few days ago.

Wrapped around the book is the front page of the newspaper from the twenty-fourth. The headline talks about the Death Eaters pushing the Aurors out of the Docklands and back onto the islands, but just underneath is a picture of Pansy from earlier in the year and an article about the attempted assasination attempt against her. It's the only news that Attie's been able to get, and it's terribly vague. Bodyguards, Allied hitwizards, and he hasn't had a chance to look at the journalling system since, so he hasn't seen C's message.

On February twenty-seventh, he ends up writing a one-page letter to Pansy, and when he's done writing it, Attie burns it since there's no way he can get it to her.

member that old treehouse in the summer after you got your mother to put in the glass pane windows? The two of us up in there with the house-elves down below and bumblebees bumping against your ankles, trying to get to the pumpkin juice bottle in between your feet? Those were some of the happiest times I've ever had, and I swear that there will be a day when you're sitting on the roof again, with one of our children on your lap and the other one asking you if you will cast a Frig

Late that night, the Death Eater encampment catch an Auror on a mission of sabotage and surveillance. There seem to have been almost nightly run with an Aurors are swimming over to the shore in order to not set off the magic-use wards. While the captains on site discuss what ought to be done to tighten security some more, Attie is the officer assigned to watch over the prisoner. The captains have to decide whether to bring an interrogator to the site or ship him back to the Rabbithole for questioning, and whiel there are two other men guarding the prisoner, Attie doesn't say a word the whole time he's guarding the Auror.]]
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