Atwood Montague (amontague) wrote,
Atwood Montague

To C: A copy of the Communist Manifesto and another of Chairman Mao's sayings, printed in traditional Chinese characters. Both are bound in red and from a Muggle bookshop on Allsop Lane.

To Pansy: A little red velvet box containing not the ring she's hoping for but, instead, a copy of his Gringott's vault key and a notice from Gringott's informing Mr. Montague that Ms. Pansy Parkinson's name will be added to the vault-deed next to his as soon as they come in and sign the paperwork.

To Adrian: The Angler's Guide to Scotland, slightly dusty, from the Gringott's bank vault. Attie picked it up on a whim during his tour of the United Kingdom when he was nineteen, and it's been sitting there ever since.
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